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Very simple and addictive game. You will surely not beat this one on your first try, as the levels get more and more challenging as you advance. Soundtrack is fairly good, is up to the game's mood, though it gets a little repetitive after a while. I felt some levels were easier than their subsequent but just like in many other games i've played. A second part would be very welcome with some minor adjustments in the soundtrack and maybe more some more levels or a level editor could be a great addition, but it's up to the game's creator to study (or not) those possibilities and see what (s)he sees fit.

In a nutshell, it feels like a red ball clone with double jump mechanics. Gets obnoxius after less than one minute. You surely can make better projects off Red Ball's "formula".
-edit in response to the author-
Red Ball is an old platformer game very similar to yours, it's not hard to find it online. I see you did this all by yourself, and that's commendable, but "being based on one theme" doesn't give your game a shield against obnoxiousness, as there are alot of "one themed" games out there that are not boring and also have only one type of game mechanic like the Quickdraw series by 53xy83457 or Super Grower by MrNannings,( i recommend you check those two, if you wish). sorry, but that's not an excuse. Keep doing your projects, im not a hater, i'm just someone that played your game and gave it's opinion, nothing more. Sure, my attention span is different than yours and everybody else, but what im saying is that if you want to do a project, do your best. Push your boundries, one project at a time. You will be slowly climbing the stairs. I wish you good luck in your future projects.

Average platformer with pretty interesting mechanic, like it's idea. Level design could be improved a bit more by making some obstacles less intuitive and more challenging. Art and soundtrack, no complaints. A restart button would be a good addition also. For a game made in only three days, its pretty solid.


What a wonderful game...Indeed our mind is a perilous place that can keep us trapped, making one feel lonely, guilty, tormented... But our mind can also be the best place in the whole cosmos, because its the only place where you can really be free. Free from everything and everyone. But unfortunately, one cannot stay in this state of pure hapiness for long and must wake up for reality, sooner or later...This game is full of amazing metaphors, and each metaphor can have many interpretations.
The monitor, for example. It seems to represent someone who cares about the main characther, trying to desperatly call him to reality, to the awaken world.
The room, as mentioned before, is a metaphor to the mind. In the start of the journey the characther finds it an empty, lonely place, where the only thoughts in his mind are negative....without food, without water, he wasnt going to last much there and his scarce few memories were like a torture to him, making him remind something of his past life, that even if it was horrible, it was certanly better than dying in place like this. But our mind is limitless, and soon the characther realises it and stops to worry about anything mundane, because in his own mind, he is a god....and this thought is what really sets him free from his suffering.
This game is amazing not becuase of its graphics, soudtrack or anything related. It is amazing because it makes you think.

While the 8-bit art and the soudtrack are quite good , the game itself is very repetitive and gets boring after a little while.

The idea of the game is very interesting and the controls are simple, unfortunately the game is too short...but maybe thats the purpose of it.

There isnt a great variation of objective, but the soundtrack is very good and the story is interesting.

Bom trabalho gente, ficou genial.

It would be better if had worked harder.

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