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Remembers me a lot about jackass, good job.

How this pure art get on 5th?
There are many bad animations that get on 2th or 3th or even 1th! I'll give you 10/10 and 5/5 because the voice of serj is fantastic, the animation is good and because we all like SOAD, Well done!


the title should be Terraria pals

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What a wonderful game...Indeed our mind is a perilous place that can keep us trapped, making one feel lonely, guilty, tormented... But our mind can also be the best place in the whole cosmos, because its the only place where you can really be free. Free from everything and everyone. But unfortunately, one cannot stay in this state of pure hapiness for long and must wake up for reality, sooner or later...This game is full of amazing metaphors, and each metaphor can have many interpretations.
The monitor, for example. It seems to represent someone who cares about the main characther, trying to desperatly call him to reality, to the awaken world.
The room, as mentioned before, is a metaphor to the mind. In the start of the journey the characther finds it an empty, lonely place, where the only thoughts in his mind are negative....without food, without water, he wasnt going to last much there and his scarce few memories were like a torture to him, making him remind something of his past life, that even if it was horrible, it was certanly better than dying in place like this. But our mind is limitless, and soon the characther realises it and stops to worry about anything mundane, because in his own mind, he is a god....and this thought is what really sets him free from his suffering.
This game is amazing not becuase of its graphics, soudtrack or anything related. It is amazing because it makes you think.

The game is simple, but the story is very interesting, the soundtrack is good and i have no complains about the art, it was all made by only one person after all. Looking forward to part.2!

JackAstral responds:


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Good job, well done!

JohnLorique responds:

Thank you


All my 10/10 belongs to this!

tigger888 responds:

thanks!! i need to clean it up ASAP so you guys can hear it how its supposed to sound!! Thanks for the 10!!

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i remenber my little brother playing! how nostalgic! good job!


i always wanted to see how Hank would be if he was a human.

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