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Feels like a submission straight outta 2004. Stop motion is one of the easiest methods to learn and one of the most difficult to master (i've done alot in the past myself). But in it's current state, i can1t rate more than 2 stars. The frames are too choppy and slow, making you lose interest in it.

JGZILLA98 responds:

Well at least you're honest which is all I can ask for. I will try to get better but like most film making takes time. I am glad you took your time to be constructive.

I will be honest I was upset at first but I did take the time to at least read your review and felt better letting it sink in knowing it isn't a personal attack.

I am sorry if this is awkward I am still getting my life in order and learning to better communicate with people.

Thank you for your time.

Remembers me a lot about jackass, good job.


the title should be Terraria pals

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Very simple and addictive game. You will surely not beat this one on your first try, as the levels get more and more challenging as you advance. Soundtrack is fairly good, is up to the game's mood, though it gets a little repetitive after a while. I felt some levels were easier than their subsequent but just like in many other games i've played. A second part would be very welcome with some minor adjustments in the soundtrack and maybe more some more levels or a level editor could be a great addition, but it's up to the game's creator to study (or not) those possibilities and see what (s)he sees fit.

In a nutshell, it feels like a red ball clone with double jump mechanics. Gets obnoxius after less than one minute. You surely can make better projects off Red Ball's "formula".
-edit in response to the author-
Red Ball is an old platformer game very similar to yours, it's not hard to find it online. I see you did this all by yourself, and that's commendable, but "being based on one theme" doesn't give your game a shield against obnoxiousness, as there are alot of "one themed" games out there that are not boring and also have only one type of game mechanic like the Quickdraw series by 53xy83457 or Super Grower by MrNannings,( i recommend you check those two, if you wish). sorry, but that's not an excuse. Keep doing your projects, im not a hater, i'm just someone that played your game and gave it's opinion, nothing more. Sure, my attention span is different than yours and everybody else, but what im saying is that if you want to do a project, do your best. Push your boundries, one project at a time. You will be slowly climbing the stairs. I wish you good luck in your future projects.

Grumpy-Game-Dev responds:

I'm sorry but whats Red ball? This was a game not meant to copy an other game. This project only had 50 hours to complete and few of the hours to come up with an idea that consists of Recursion."Gets obnoxious after 1 minute" Well this game was really based of one theme so if you have a low attention span then idk what to say. Overall thanks for some what of an review have a nice day! :) Edit: You know those nice games you see they are worked on with 2 or more people and if not they have way more time to work on it if they are participating in a game jam or not. I don't think you know how much work has to go into developing games. And for thinking that my comment was an excuse was simply funny Idk how it being based on one theme made it an "excuse" I said this was based off of one theme, it doesn't mean the amount of time I had to work on this project. Def for Recursion just in case you didn't know "Recursion in computer science is a method of solving a problem where the solution depends on solutions to smaller instances of the same problem. The approach can be applied to many types of problems, and recursion is one of the central ideas of computer science".

Average platformer with pretty interesting mechanic, like it's idea. Level design could be improved a bit more by making some obstacles less intuitive and more challenging. Art and soundtrack, no complaints. A restart button would be a good addition also. For a game made in only three days, its pretty solid.

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